Duck Hunting

Welcome to Caddo Lake, one of the most enchanting nature preserves in the world.

Beginning in Texas and ending in Louisiana, Caddo Lake is the largest naturally formed lake in the South and the only natural lake in Texas. Part lake, part swamp, interlaced with a network of sloughs and bayous, the 32,000 acres of water abounds with fish, duck, wildlife, aquatic vegetation and natural beauty. Caddo has been designated by international treaty to be one of 13 most significant wetlands in the USA.

Billy Carter has been a licensed fishing and hunting guide on Caddo for more than 35 years. His extensive knowledge of the lake and his expertise as a sportsman qualify him to guide visitors through Caddo's intricate network of bayous and sloughs for fishing, hunting, birding, photographing or merely absorbing themselves in the primitive beauty that is Caddo Lake. Billy's guided tours are the "stuff" that memories are made of.

Billy's motto is "A bad day on Caddo beats a good day at work!"

Billy and his wife, Dottie, own and operate Spatterdock Guest Houses, all waterfront properties on Caddo Lake in Uncertain, TX.

Caddo Guide Service

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